Do you like puzzles? I've turned some of my artwork into puzzles, and you can solve them for free, by clicking on the link below.

Please note - clicking on the link will bring you to the website, "Jigidi", and you will solve the puzzle, there. The Jigidi site should open in a new tab, in your browser.


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 15 Piece Puzzle Series
August 19, 2021, "Today"

Three maps of the earth, show wildfire and smoke activity, on this day. Click on image, to play one of these 15 piece puzzles, on jigidi.

West Coast USA Wildfires Eat Jet Stream, Today

West Coast Wildfires, USA Eat The Jet Stream, Today.jpg
Wildfire Smoke Gains on Northern Greenland, Today.jpg

The Burning Image, Today

The Burning Image, Today.jpg

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