toasted thing.jpg

There I am in 2017. I live in New York, but we traveled to Illinois to camp, and  see the total solar eclipse. One morning I woke up to find this giant flying thing had fallen asleep next to the fire pit, and must have rolled over in the night, thereafter toasting itself perfectly in the coals. Breakfast? No. Amusing photo? Yes!

As far as my artistry is concerned, I focused on studying art while I attended school in the 1980's and early 1990's. A highlight of my art education was getting the chance to attend the New York State Summer School of the Arts, NYSSSA, school of visual arts, at SUNY Fredonia, in 1989.

Later in the 90's and the first decade of the new millenium, I put my art aside. Lately I've been focusing on my art again, and I hope to study and work towards a more active art filled life.

The photo posted of me below shows me harassing another enormous insect I came across whilst in Illinois. Don't worry, I didn't really eat that one, either. Hey, Illinois . . . what are you feeding your bugs?     

giant silkworm snack
Me, during a pandemic, 2020.jpg

Lately, we've been having a pandemic, on Earth. This is a photo of me wearing a mask in 2020, while covid19 vaccines were still in the testing phase. I'm also wearing a green hat I crocheted myself, but it's barely visible beyond my hair. I am vaccinated, and still wearing a mask when I go out, as of August 2021.